followed by the 4th Conference on Ethics & Governance
4 pm – 8 pm*

Where: Fédération des Entreprises Romandes Genève (FER), rue de Saint-Jean, 1211 Genève

Objectives of the workshop
The participants receive an introduction to the topic of lie detection. The method introduced to the workshop (BLAST) is well known and recognized internationally. BLAST is the acronym for Body Language Assessment and Scoring Technique. It was created as an accurate, systematic and practical method to
detect and score deception indicators during interviews and interrogations without the aid of technical equipment, such as polygraph machine. BLAST incorporates body language assessment techniques with statement (or word) analysis to provide an accurate assessment of all deception indicators.

Maxime Chretien, ACFE Switzerland Board Member. Former forensic partner at Deloitte, he now works for the City of Geneva. He has more than 15 years of experiences in investigation. He is an official BLAST instructor.

Who should attend
Law enforcement, investigators, lawyers, internal auditors, recruiters, diplomats, negotiators and everyone dealing with human behaviors.

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